Our mission

The non-governmental organization Hydronauts was founded in 2010 by a team of people which has been taking part in a large amount of environmental activities all over Greece for many years. It’s main interest are the Greek seas and lakes and it had such an effect in people’s minds that the description ‘Guardians of the Seas’ is frequently used to describe us.

The fact that we have faith in our vision and dedication to the purpose of this organization is proved by the frequency of our action as well as the satisfactory outcome of our work.

Our organization is based totally on volunteer work and doesn’t receive any kind of financial support by public or private organizations. Our activities comprise:

• Environmental activities
• Seminars and lectures
• Web and print publications
• Search and Studies
• Radio programs
• Educational events
• Article writing
• Audio visual productions
• Social events

Our vision

The vision of the Hydronauts is based on the following  principles:

• The transmission of the Greek nautical history and cultural heritage as well as the promotion of the Greek seas’ natural beauty which can be an attraction pole for those interested in the new genre of tourism, and that of the scuba diving tourism. This is of two fold importance as along with the profit from touristic development there will be environmental concern.

• The prevalence of our organization’s social work as a depository of the multidimensional character of diving activity and sport. We help the protection of the environment by reporting illegal action, by detecting dangerous goods (warfare material, or any other objects that put public safety at risk) and by co-operating with the authorities in locating them and destroying them when necessary.

• The promotion of 1)safe diving practice which is a unique experience offering excitement to all of those who wish to try it. 2)volunteer work, co operation and participation in activities that will help us hand over a better planet in the future 3)the need of sensitization on environmental issues , changing people’s mind when they follow tactics that harm the environment, the ecosystem and biodiversity.

• The protection 1)of water flora and fauna by detecting on time any aggravating factors 2) of cultural heritage that lies underwater and in general of Greek nautical history itself by revealing shipwrecks 3)the protection of divers from any kind of danger they may come across, such as illegal fishing or no compliance with sailing regulation.
Prizes and Distinction
Our organization has been awarded by the president of Greek Democracy Karolos Papoulias with the prize “Island ISO 2011” that recognizes organization with continuous, progressive and original volunteer social work.

Posted on: 26/07/2012