Our mission

The non-governmental organization Hydronauts was founded in 2010 by a team of people which has been taking part in a large amount of environmental activities all over Greece for many years. It’s main interest are the Greek seas and lakes and it had such an effect in people’s minds that the description ‘Guardians of the Seas’ is frequently used to describe us.

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Support us

Acting and organizing costs money. As our NGO Hydronauts doesn’t receive any kind of financial support by public or private organizations it is really difficult for us to cover all the needed expenses of  our projects and events.
That’s why we’re asking for help with our efforts by making a contribution.

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Prizes and Distinction

Our organization has been awarded by the president of Greek Democracy Karolos Papoulias with the prize “Island ISO 2011” that recognizes organizations with continuous, progressive and original volunteer social work.


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Join us and make the difference!

If you love the underwater world and you’re interested in volunteering, networking and having fun – you can do all of this and more as a Hydronauts member. As a Hydronaut , among other activities you’ll perform  volunteer work to improve the situation in the Greek seas and you will “transfer” the “voice of the sea” in the society.

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Media projection

Being disinterested in profit and concentrated on such a novel and original idea we have attracted a wealth of media attention. In fact NGO Hydronauts  has received quite a few hours of TV and Radio coverage in the past in order to present and describe our work.

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