The department of environmental action of Hydronauts

The department of environmental action of Hydronauts

The Greek Hydronauts have the chance to enjoy the Greek seas at the same time they witness the crime that is committed against sea and sea creatures. The water doesn’t have a voice to complain and protect itself so this becomes our duty, our memorandum. It’s our obligation to bring its voice to the surface, and we have succeed in that by organizing a lot of environmental actions and underwater cleanups all over Greece.

Our Campaigns

The ‘voice of the sea’ - Our memorandum with the sea

The ‘voice of the sea’ is a coordinated attempt of environmental action that has as a main target to specify the problems that arouse from the pollution of the sea and make public more concerned on environmental issues. Our campaign is supported by scientific and environmental institutions as well as organizations related to the ways of dealing with waste and recycling it.
As it is clearly shown by its name, the purpose of this edition is to bring the water’s message to the surface with the assistance of professional divers and volunteers who collect rubbish in the sea and beaches. The ‘voice of the sea’ has not a specific location and it is the best proof that cooperation among different institutions can exist under the same vision and target.

Census of the program Voice of the sea 2011

In the first year of their operation our organization has realized more than 20 activities of great range, in Attica, Euboea, Cyclades, Peloponnese and Epirus which include cleaning of sea shores, lakes and ports as well as removing dangerous goods.
During these operations a great number of divers and volunteers have taken place and more than 30 tones of rubbish have been collected. It is worth noting that all our actions were realized on our expense even those that demanded transportation and overnight stays a long way from Athens.

Our actions were not random and occasional and their rate was at least one action twice a month.

The punctuality and the dedication to our aim as well as our availability at any call for help through the program Voice of the sea has led to the distinction and nomination before it even completes one year of operation and it proved the value of the program.
On our website you can have access to audiovisual material which shows various actions and their impact they had after their projection from media.

Targets of the program voice of the sea 2012

Our organization has as a target to reinforce the environmental action and get involved with other issues apart from simple activism. That’s why we have created special group of activities such as
The department of scientific research and study <> of MKO Hydronauts
Their target is to indicate the problems and then describe them in a scientific way.
The next stage is to suggest a solution most appropriate according to the characteristics of each area. At the same time we inform and advise the residents of each area for the risk to their health and the local economy.

In the meantime the team of MKO Hydronauts which deals with the recycling material with cooperation of other recycling companies takes over the sorting out process of waste and separating them from recycling to non-recycling making clear the essence of our activity which is not only the transportation of waste from the sea to the land but also the release of the environment from those that harm them the most.
We intent to make our action more intensive and render the Greek society more aware in aspects concerning the water environment –something which seems to be really necessary nowadays.

Lots of people have approached our organization in order to take action along with us all over the Greek county. Even if our intentions are totally clear we can correspond to your demands only if we have the financial ability to do so. Keeping in mind that we have short means and taking for granted the bad financial condition of our country we try to come up with the best solution for our organization and our volunteers. Supporters of any kind can contribute in many ways to our difficult task which has a social character.

Posted on: 26/07/2012